What clients say

“Jennifer, WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE PHOTOS!!! You’re amazing! We really enjoyed having you be part of our wedding. We keep getting rave reviews about you now that our friends and family have been going through the photos.”
-Corinne Johansson

“As we expressed yesterday, we felt very lucky to have you with us. You were a major help in keeping us calm and helping us keep the day rolling. We appreciated your gentleness during the times that we felt overwhelmed, and your sterner edge when corralling our many family members. :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
-Sara Kelly

"You did a really great job of turning a rainy day into one filled with lots of sunshine through your pictures. They are beautiful!"
-Kate Waterman, Basin Harbor Club

“Oh my gosh! The pictures came out GORGEOUS! We love love love them! Thank you sooo much for everything, it couldn’t have been more perfect!”
-Stephanie Wilson

“Thank you for all your hard work and keeping us positive under very challenging circumstances! It was a pleasure working with you."
-Linda Pinn

"Wow!!! My first reaction is that I am so impressed and love all the images! You captured so many little details as well as the overall spirit of the day.”
-Lauren Carpenter

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